Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Starting the new year with an accomplishment

My one and only new years resolution was to start posting to my blog.  I hope I can find a few things of interest for you all.
Last year(2008) I was surfing the web for some ideas to do some Christmas cards.  I ran across a stamping blog by Nichole Heady and needless to say I have been hooked every since.  I didn't purchase any stamps for a couple of months.  If you know anything about me, I have to research every little bitty aspect before I plunge in feet first and when I finally did in February, I really did.  I had NO supplies related to stamping in any way, just a paper trimmer.  My biggest fear was where would I put anything.  Amazing the room you can find when you really want to craft.  Now I have oodles of ribbon, thread, buttons, ink, patterned paper, cardstock and stamps.  I love, love, love my little corner I have carved out in my computer room, it really brings me peace.  Soon I hope to start posting some of my cards I have made through the months of 2009.

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