Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Card Box

I read a forum post at Paper Trey Ink about 2010 goals. Truth be told I first felt like a slug, because I didn't really have any goals. I just stamp for fun, relaxation and to show the recepients of my cards I really do care. When I got up to walk away from my computer, I spied an empty box sitting there on the floor. You see, I really wanted to cover the outside of this box and organize my cards in it, but there it sat all empty and uncovered. Had been for a month or two. Ah-ha.......a goal for 2010!!
I didn't take any pictures before I covered it, so I snapped a pic of the bottom. Like the feet on this?? LOL

Well about an hour later, this is what I had.

Sure is nice to be able to see what type of cards I have and what I need to work on. Now I hope you know this doesn't mean I am done for 2010, just getting a good start on the new year!


  1. great box!! yeah keep it up...:)

  2. Great idea! Your box is very pretty, and great way to recycle!

  3. I love repurposing things around my house too! What a great container to put all your cards into and Im trying to figure out if your labels are stamped or your handwriting? Either way I love it!

  4. I really need to organize my cards. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Heeeee - I love the way you arrived at this project! It's fabulous :0)